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Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment

No, We’re Not Kidding!

Enjoyment galore

The event has to be rocking and memorable, and this is where the eventlane genie comes into action. Create the desired event on the application – wedding, cocktails, and birthdays under our entertainment section. Remember, make the most out of these events!

Our Entertainment Section


Plan Wedding

Bought scintillating dresses, the dholwalas and band is ready to create a musical mahol, but the constant worry that none of my friends should miss an event continues? Well, you need us! Share all the events under your wedding tab on eventlane. Your friends will be notified about every event – Haldi, Mehendi, Cocktail, Pool Party, Wedding, Reception, and every small event.


Plan Cocktails

Alcohols, fireworks, exotic food – all together for a fun cocktail party; but what if your favorite people miss the event? SOS, eventlane required for the event to be smooth and flawless. Well, we will notify everyone and invite everyone on your behalf.


Plan Birthdays

Create the birthday party event under our entertainment section. Also, ask your friends and family not to be a party pooper, not to sulk at the party; instead, engage in the sharing community – share photos, go live, and comment. You will have a blast.


Plan Special Events

Anniversaries, get-togethers, kitty parties, or any special event that increases the excitement level in your life; can be created in the eventlane application. Host the event, share the moments, and make friends via attending events.

Eventlane Features To Make Your Event Grand & Happy

Plan & Host Event
Invite Friends
Customized Notifications
Edit Events
Create Invites from 100 Read-to-Use Templates
Dedicated event timeline
Connect Via Live Feeds & Photos
Go Live